1997 was the year of the con: the first ever Callahanicon was organized, rather haphazardly, and eventually got around to happening in Nashville, TN, USA, from July 10th to the 13th. The headcount reached 25ish on Saturday night, with much hugging and hot tubbing and drinking and singing and general partying going on all weekend. Various people brought cameras to this historic event, and more pictures will be posted as patrons develop and scan them. The current ones are as follows:

car1.jpg - Pixel's 
Callahanicar, surrounded by Pixel, Pink, and Katecar2.jpg - a clearer shot of 
the Callahanicarmess.jpg = Rose, Pixel, and Pink's room approximately three hours 
after Rose arrived
The early arrivals showed up on Thursday to put things together and warn the hotel staff. Pixel's car was thoroughly decorated, and despite the law-evading implications of the CB antenna, he didn't really park in the space with the "No Parking" sign. Uncle Misha, Rose, and Kate all showed up at about the same time (not surprising, since Misha and Rose were in the same car), and an expedition was held to the local K-Mart to acquire supplies. The third picture shows all the essential elements of a con: people, peanuts, posterboard, pens, badges, and half-packed suitcases.
Photo credits: Rose.

roadsign.jpg - signs 
for 77 South, 81 North, 11 North, and 52 South, and I was trying to go 
east!elephant.jpg - If you can see this, you shouldn't be driving
Friday was the big travel day for most of the attendees. Many of them were very glad to get off the road and into the hotel's economy-sized hot tub. The liquor store right next to the hotel, complete with a most interesting mascot (which seemed to be invisible to Rose, though no one is sure why... it may have something to do with her not drinking), was probably also something of a lure; it received quite a bit of Callahanian business before the weekend was over.
Photo credits: Lady Cheron and Pixel/Pink.

What little sightseeing there was happened on Saturday. Some few patrons made excursions to the Parthenon; others went to the local (and fabulous) bookstore, and we all ended up in an old-fashioned soda shoppe for lunch. Dinner was a gala affair at an excellent Chinese restaurant, despite the necessity of being split up and seated in two different wings of the building. Afterwards, Kat and Kent lent us their home for a wonderful night (and morning) of revelry.
parth1.jpg - the recreated 
Parthenon, plus 
parking lotathena.jpg - a tall and lovely 
statue of Athenaparth2.jpg - one wall of the 
Parthenon, thoroughly decoratedkate.jpg - a picture of Kate trying to get a good camera angle
The recreated Parthenon, Athena, the Parthenon's wall, and Kate Kulig trying to get a good picture of Athena.
Photo credit: Lady Cheron.
malt1t.jpg - lots of 
people at the soda 
shoppemalt2t.jpg - 
more people at the soda 
Upon discovering that the soda shoppe was out of bananas, Pixel and Pink dashed out to their car and went hunting. As you can see, the hunt was successful, and Pixel got his milkshake (in trade for the rest of the bananas) amid much celebration.
Photo credit: Lady Cheron.
books1.jpg - patrons 
searching the 
stacksbooks2.jpg = 
same books, different patrons
Several of us went blindly and wallet-first into the Davis-Kidd bookstore, emerging with blissful smiles and much merchandise. Here we see David, Monk, Kate, Brice, and Caragh, and later AJ, Pink, Pixel, and Rose. We were, of course, in the science fiction section.
Photo credit: Lady Cheron.
misha.jpg - Uncle Misha in a 
suitprompic.jpg - 
the 'prom date' pictureppkiss.jpg - Pixel and Pink out-cute-ing us all
Uncle Misha brought along a suit for some unknown reason and decided to wear it to dinner on Saturday night. As you can see, the Southern gentleman looked quite dashing posing by the hotel fireplace. Since Rose decided to get dressed up too, everyone insisted that they do a "prom date" photo. Pixel and Pink, of course, were the cutest couple by far.
Photo credits: Lady Cheron and Pixel/Pink.
dinner5t.jpgdinner6t.jpgdinner7t.jpgkatnkent.jpg - Kat and Kent Dyer and many smalls
These photos are all from the dinner on Saturday night. Rose and Uncle Misha were the only ones who really dressed up; most others went in jeans, sneakers, or whatever came to hand. BIG kudos to the restaurant staff for putting up with us. Thank heaven it was a buffet and they didn't have to sort all our orders! Several small patrons-to-be accompanied us; the last picture is of the young 'uns and Kat and Kent Dyer, who graciously took on the burden of managing the kids' table.
Photo credit: Lady Cheron.
gdwenchs.jpg - three well-fed GoodWenchesbadger.jpg - Badger dancing in the parking lot
Three GoodWenches--Rose, Lady Cheron, and Pink--post-dinner. Also in the parking lot of the restaurant, Badger decides to work off a little of dinner before getting in his car.
Photo credits: Lady Cheron (how she managed to take a picture of herself, we may never know) and Pixel/Pink.
barbfox.jpg - BarbaraFox 
modeling some 
interesting clotheshairbrsh.jpg - 
Caragh and Rusty sharing a special momentbambi.jpg - Bambi demonstrates her skill at 
bellydancingbabykiss.jpg - Corwyn, Jennifer, Kent, and Bambigawnes.jpg - Bill and Skye 
Gawne at an earlier RS
Back at Kat and Kent's, there was a great deal of partying and not a little cuddling up amidst the filking, drinking, and laughter. While BarbaraFox modeled a contraption that she swears is comfortable, Rusty was in hairbrush heaven and just about everyone found a way to spend time with the kids (Corwyn is the smaller one), including Bambi, who happily danced the night away and even taught lessons with her partner BarbaraFox. Later on, Bill Gawne (who couldn't make it in person) called up to say hello to everyone and join the party from afar; the picture above is of Bill and Skye from another RealSpace earlier in the year. All in all, it was quite a night!
Photo credits: Lady Cheron and Pixel/Pink.

Zip files of these photos are now available! Pick some, any, or all:
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conpics.zip is everything, large and small. (1.81Mb)

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