Information for Callahanicon 2 (August 28-30, 1998):

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Pictures from Seattle!

Randolph's collection

Draco's collection

mad_sci's collection

Beki's collection

Bob Clevenger's collection

Barnstead's collection

Gesi's collection

KiriB's collection

Randolph's collection

Eleri's tattoo picture page

Pictures from Nashville are linked off of the Nashville Annex Page.

Where to get updates

a. Keep checking this page for changes.

b. Join the Callahanicon mailing list. This will help you stay abreast of information both general and specific to this year, learn about the details of next year's con as soon as they're put together, and find out (or help determine) policies and schedules for coming years. To subscribe, email with

subscribe callahanicon

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c. Read the "ADMIN: Callahanicon" regular posting on alt.callahans.

If you have information that should go on this page, email it to Rose.

Hotel information

The phone number for reservations is 800 213 6308. Call and tell them you're with the Callahan Group or Callahan Family Reunion at the Best Western on Aurora. A single is $84 a night, and a double is $92. You can reserve a room with a credit card and then pay cash at the desk without the card actually being charged. A map to the hotel can be found at Jezebel's website (thanks, Jez!).

Continental breakfast is included in the price of the room. It's usually served fairly early, but since we're mostly late risers, the hotel has agreed to serve it later for us, most likely around 10 a.m. Each room has its own coffeepot, and if you can't find good coffee in Seattle, you get no sympathy from me!

Non-smoking consuite equivalent is Rose's room; smoking consuite equivalent is Jezebel's room (ask for Rose Platt and Pat Kight, respectively).

Travel information

If you're planning to fly to Seattle, email the Travel Director (ElephantChild) first with your estimated travel dates and then with specific times once you have your reservations made. If you're planning to drive, email the Driving Director (HGEllison) and state when/whether you'll be available to help carpool to and from the airport and how many passengers you can handle.

Seattle information

Information about navigating the city by public transport can be found at Info on local places to hang out and eat will be posted shortly.

Schedule: Thursday

3 p.m.: Check-in begins in Rose's room and continues throughout the weekend. To ensure that there's a badge waiting for you, email the Badge Director (Glinda) as soon as you know you're going to arrive. Include your handle and/or real name, spelled the way you want them to appear on your badge.

6 p.m.: Meet in Rose's room to hunt down dinner.

Schedule: Friday

12 noon: Plans for lunch Friday will be determined on the spot. If you're willing to lead an expedition, email Rose with your name and a time and your information will be posted here.

If you want to lunch with Rose, meet in that person's room at 12 noon.

2 p.m.: Preliminary shopping expedition to prepare for dinner on Saturday. Meet in Rose's room. Volunteer cooks who want to make dishes that will keep overnight should come along, as we'll probably end up at Beki's after to get a head start on the cooking.

6 p.m.: Plans for dinner Friday will be determined on the spot. If you're willing to lead an expedition, email Rose with your name and a time and your information will be posted here.

If you want to dine with Rose, meet in that person's room at 6 p.m.

Schedule: Saturday

12 noon: Plans for lunch Saturday will be determined by individual groups, depending on where people decide to go for sight-seeing and the like. Anyone who happens to be in or about the hotel at noontime, meet in the lobby for a lunching expedition.

2 p.m.: More shopping and cooking. Meet in Rose's room. If you'd rather take a tour of a local brewery, meet Beki's husband in the lobby.

7 p.m.: Dinner on Saturday is at Beki's house. Directions from the hotel will be posted here shortly. Folks are encouraged to show up early and help with setting up and the like, especially those bringing food for the grill and furniture.

11:59 p.m.: A group of folks are going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in either Seattle or Tacoma. Everyone is welcome to join. Fancy dress and virginity are optional.

Schedule: Sunday

Most of the day will be occupied by people leaving. If you plan to be in town long enough to have lunch or dinner on Sunday or later, email Rose with your plans and she'll put them up here.


Kate Kulig/Weather and BarbaraFox are organizing the Nashville Callahanicon Annex this year. For more information, email them or look at the available online info. If you'd like to organize and host an Annex in your area, contact Kate, Barbara, or Rose to find out what this entails.

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Seattle last updated on 4/11/99 and Nashville last updated on 9/7/98 by Rose.