Here's to Spider Robinson
And the Callahanicon
We're gonna sing this song 'til dawn
And then we'll break for chocolate!
--Sorrowsbane (Zeke Hoskin), at Callahanicon '98

What Is It?

Callahanicon was an annual get-together for Callahanians of all sorts. Nashville 1997, Seattle 1998, Denver 1999, Toronto 2000, Austin 2001, the "Callanotacon" 2002 Annexes, Portland 2004, and San Francisco 2005 were smashing successes. In recent years we have not had large gatherings, but if you're interested in having a Callahanicon or Annex near you - plan one! Send us the details and we'll post it here! Stay tuned for details about the long anticipated Callahanicon in Hallifax in 2012!

There's nothing like travelling 700 miles to find that you've come home.
Nothing like meeting 50 dear friends you've known for years,
all for the first time. Thank you. Thank you all so very much.

—technopup, after Nashville Annex '01

A postcard from Callahanicon '59?

Why attend a Callahanicon or Annex?

Putting faces to names.
Meeting the people behind the posts.
Being surprised that the person you thought was behind the posts is different than what you expected.
Being surprised that the person you thought was behind the posts is just like what you expected.
Making new friends.
Creating new understanding.
Making apologies that should be done face to face.
Just being.
—Freyja, after Callahanicon '01

Where Is It?

In response to frequent requests, the TENTATIVE list of future C'con locations is as follows. These need someone to take ownership, so if you're near one of these cities, feel free to volunteer!

2011 Sydney, AU
2012 July 4-8
Hallifax, Nova Scotia
2019 Cape Town, South Africa
2076 Luna City

All of this is 100% subject to change, though the general geographic distribution should be about the same. There is no list of future Annexes because anyone can host one anywhere. (What's an Annex? Look at info and pictures from the 2001 Nashville Annex to find out.)

Unfortunately, due to disk space limitations, we can no longer host picture collections here. If you would like us to add a link to your C'con picture page, drop us a line!

Please remember that gatherings are intended primarily for past and present (and future, if you want to bring your kids) patrons of the alt.callahans newsgroup, #callahans Undernet IRC channel, and other Callahanian communities. If you have never been a participant in either group--meaning actively contributed to a conversation or thread--then you may feel a bit lost. This is not a convention for fans of Spider and/or Jeanne Robinson and/or their writing. It's a lot more like a family reunion. You're welcome to come show up anyway, but it is very strongly recommended that you read the alt.callahans Allabout and the #callahans FAQ at the very least, and preferably spend some time with us either online or at a smaller RealSpace in your area. If you can spare a whole weekend of RL, you can certainly spare a bit of time to hang out with us in VR, so check out some of the Callahanian communities listed on our home page and let's get to know each other!

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