The Wired and Untamed Things... A Rocky Horror Internet Experience

Hi! I'm Brad Majors....
Biographies of the Wired and Untamed Things castmembers

Go see the man who began it!
The Unholy Trinity

The Wired and Untamed Things are masterminded by a "ruling" triumvirate known colloquially as the Unholy Trinity, currently made up of the three founders of the Rocky Horror Internet Show.

We are simply his... servants.
The rest of the cast (in no particular order)

Our other castmembers have yet to see fit to enlighten us with biographical information. But this'll change soon, right, guys? RIGHT?

Brad, please... let's get out of here.

Rose made you--and she can break you just as easily!
Well, unfortunately for you all, the plans were last changed on 3/3/01.