The Wired and Untamed Things... A Rocky Horror Internet Experience

You're very lucky to be invited....
Joining the cast

Loyalty such as yours shall not go unrewarded.

We have some very simple requirements: show up a few times. Participate as an "audience member" - we're always glad to learn new AP lines, and it'll help you get a sense for the timing of the show. Be able to type fast enough to keep up with the show, or build a macro file. Introduce yourself. Get to know us. Ask politely, or wait a little while; chances are, if you fit in well and know your stuff, you'll be invited.

Under the circumstances, formal dress is to be optional.

There aren't any costume or prop hassles to worry about, and no one cares if you "look the part" - we won't get strung out by the way you look! There's no real age requirement, either. All we ask is that you contribute something solid to the show, whether it be fresh and amusing AP lines or a novel outlook on what your character's thinking; because we can be so descriptive about thoughts and actions, those end up really being what counts. Prior experience makes no difference, as long as you know the movie. It's about as close to equal-opportunity casting as you can get. All the parts are always open all the time. Join us and help us realize our dream of taking Rocky Horror to a whole new level.

Information on experiencing the show is on our main page.

Brad, please... let's get out of here.

Rose made you--and she can break you just as easily!
Well, unfortunately for you all, the plans were last changed on 9/17/00.