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Updated: July 4, 2001. What's new: Added New England Annex link to this page; added map to the Austin info page. Fixed a lot of rotted links and did general updating of info.

Welcome to the Callahanicon 2001 website. Callahanicon is the annual gathering of patrons from the alt.callahans newsgroup and the #callahans Internet Relay Chat channel -- a sort of annual reunion of our online family. It's not actually a convention in the usual panels/booths/admission fee/Guests of Honor sense of the word, and while the group and the channel were inspired in their creation by Spider Robinson's tales of Callahan's Place and its successors, he and they aren't what the shindig's all about. Rather, it's a chance to meet in Real Space, talk, sing, eat, pun, explore the city, and generally share joy -- and thus, of course, increase it.

If that sounds like something you'd like to do, here's some stuff that will help:

The mailing list. This web site, frankly, won't be updated all that often. The Callahanicon mailing list gives you the very latest information delivered straight to your online mailbox (fair warning: this does mean you would sometimes be getting a lot more e-mail, especially as July gets closer) and is the best place to go if you have a question that's not answered here or in the list's archives (though you have to be signed up for the list to see the archives). You can do either here.

The RSVP page. Please fill out the online RSVP form so we have a better idea how many people to expect, how many are bringing cars, how many arriving by plane, etc.

The annexes. There have traditionally been annex Callahanicons, held the same weekend, for those unable to make it to the main site. This year there will be at least three, in Nashville, Tenn., Toronto, Ontario and somewhere in New England. Another is contemplated in the Pacific Northwest.

For information on Callahanicons past and future, you can go to the Callahanicon main page; for info on the online groups and Callahan's in general, go to

Hope to see you in Austin!

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