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Callahanicon 3: Denver

July 9 to July 11, 1999

Planning to join us in Denver? Follow these three easy steps:

1) Join the mailing list. It's fast, it's easy, and you'll learn all the breaking news. To subscribe, follow this link.

2) Email the Counter of Heads. This way you know that you'll be included in the headcount that determines various important things. The Counter of Heads's email address is on the Important but Miscellaneous Info page; don't forget to include whether you're a "yes" or a "maybe," your handle and (optionally) your full name, and your preferred email address.

3) Look around this site. If you're new to the online versions of Callahan's Place, read the alt.callahans Allabout and #callahans FAQ linked to from the main page, and remember that this is NOT a fancon for Spider, Jeanne, and/or their writing; it's more like a family reunion. The whole disclaimer is on the main Callahanicon page.
If you're a regular patron of alt.callahans or #callahans, you're probably just looking for con-related info. Use the navigational links at the top of the page to see our schedule, learn about Denver, or read the Miscellaneous but Important Info; you can also put up a personal ad if you're looking for someone to share your hotel room with.

See you in July!

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